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Season Two: Project Skyring
Blue Tengu Project Skyring YouTube Title Card
Episode One: “Big Plans”
Episode Two: “The New Guy”
Episode Three: “Time to Work”
Episode Four: “Going in Circles”
Episode Five: “Ray of Light”
Episode Six: “Planting a Seed”
Episode Seven: “Best-Laid Plans”
Episode Eight: “What’s the Idea”
Episode Nine: “Enemy of My Enemy”
American Special
Episode Ten: “Coming Together”
Episode Eleven: “Cluster Cluck”
Episode Twelve: “Cut Down to Size”
Episode Thirteen: “Who’s in Charge?”
Episode Fourteen: “Reunited so Good”
Episode Fifteen: “The Count of Halloween”
Episode Sixteen: “Hold That Thought…”
Episode Seventeen: “Out of the Woods”
Episode Eighteen: “Mind the Gap”
Episode Nineteen: “Follow the Rules”
Episode Twenty: “Logical Fallacies”
Episode Twenty-One: “Unsafe and Unsound”
Episode Twenty-Two: “Offscreen, Offmind”
Episode Twenty-Three: “Holly Jolly Xmas Party”
Episode Twenty-Four: “Fired Up for Xmas”
Episode Twenty-Five: “New Directions”
Episode Twenty-Six: “Aim High”
Episode Twenty-Seven: “Back and Forth”
Episode Twenty-Eight: “Burning Daylight”
Episode Twenty-Nine: “Fowl Weather”
Episode Thirty: “U & I”
Episode Thirty-One: “Sense of Direction”
Episode Thirty-Two: “Up, Down, Left, Right”
Episode Thirty-Three: “Accounting for Taste”
Episode Thirty-Four: “Grain of Sand”
Episode Thirty-Five: “Free to Rule”
Episode Thirty-Six: “An Opening to Fill”
Episode Thirty-Seven: “Grail Fail”
Episode Thirty-Eight: “Fuzzy Logic”
Episode Thirty-Nine: “Which Way Is Up?”
Episode Forty: “Seizing Control”
Episode Forty-One: “Straight to the Top”
Episode Forty-Two: “Learning the Ropes”
Episode Forty-Three: “Smells Like an Opening”
Episode Forty-Four: “Feast or Famine”
Episode Forty-Five: “Fear the Reaper”
Episode Forty-Six: “Managing Death”
Episode Forty-Seven: “Reliving the Dream”
Episode Forty-Eight: “Ceding Control”
Episode Forty-Nine: “Loading Time”
Episode Fifty: “Bathroom Broken”
Episode Fifty-One: “Judgment Day”
Episode Fifty-Two: “Back to Abnormal”
Beta Test Update #1
Beta Test Update #2
Beta Test Update #3
Beta Test Update #4
Beta Test Update #5
Beta Test Update #6
Beta Test Update #7
Beta Test Update #8
Beta Test Update #9
Beta Test Update #10
Beta Test Update #11
Beta Test Update #12
Beta Test Update #13
Beta Test Update #14

Blue Tengu’s Game Development Show (Season Two)

Season One: Project Spaghetti
Blue Tengu Season 1 Logo

(First Half of the Season: Making the Game)
Episode One: “Defining the Scope”
Episode Two: “Roughing up the Player”
Episode Three: “When Bullets Fly”
Episode Four: “Off Track”
Episode Five: “The Big High Score”
Episode Six: “Good Guys Finish Last”
Episode Seven: “Beware the Enemy”
Episode Eight: “Finding a Path”
Episode Nine: “Simulated Problems”
Episode Ten: “Classy Bad Guy”
Episode Eleven: “Cruising to New Levels”
Episode Twelve: “No Other Options?”
Episode Thirteen: “What’s the Score?”
Episode Fourteen: “Sound Off!”
Episode Fifteen: “Coming to Life”
Episode Sixteen: “It Must Be Halloween”
Episode Seventeen: “Haunted by Design”
Episode Eighteen: “Just Des(s)erts”
Episode Nineteen: “Cactus Kerfuffle”
Episode Twenty: “Alien Attraction”
Episode Twenty-One: “Close Encounters”
Episode Twenty-Two: “Fun with Lasers”
Episode Twenty-Three: “User Unfriendly”
Episode Twenty-Four: “Dodging the Bullet”
Episode Twenty-Five: “Just a Flesh Wound”
Christmas Special
Episode Twenty-Six: “Like a Boss”

(Second Half of the Season: Brushing up the Game)
Episode Twenty-Seven: “An AI Odyssey”
Episode Twenty-Eight: “Out of Controls”
Episode Twenty-Nine: “Hello Flatworld”
Episode Thirty: “Lost in Interface”
Episode Thirty-One: “Cat and Mouse”
Episode Thirty-Two: “Mouse Trapped”
Episode Thirty-Three: “Awkward Transitions”
Episode Thirty-Four: “Ready, Set, Game Over”
Episode Thirty-Five: “High Performance”
Episode Thirty-Six: “Happy Trails”
Episode Thirty-Seven: “Coin Toss”
Episode Thirty-Eight: “A-Class Boss”
Episode Thirty-Nine: “Calling it a Day”
Episode Forty: “Bad Moon Rising”
Episode Forty-One: “Playing with Roles”
Episode Forty-Two: “Out on the Tiles”
Episode Forty-Three: “Under the Weather”
Episode Forty-Four: “Dark Matters”
Episode Forty-Five: “Pinball Wizard”
Episode Forty-Six: “Target Practice”
Episode Forty-Seven: “Choice Selection”
Episode Forty-Eight: “Mean Stats”
Episode Forty-Nine: “Bug In Bug Out”
Episode Fifty: “Hot Under the Collar”
Episode Fifty-One: “Outsourced Help”
Episode Fifty-Two: “All Good Things…”
Launch & Post Launch Episodes

Blue Tengu’s Game Development Show (Season One)

Blue Tengu Unplugged
Blue Tengu YouTube Unplugged
Episode 0: Among the Sleep, Spelunky, Race the Sun
Episode 1: You Have to Win the Game, Octodad
Episode 2: Proteus
Episode 3: Luftrausers
Episode 4: Ring Runner
Episode 5: Risk of Rain
Episode 6: Endless Space
Episode 7: Reus
Episode 8: Papers, Please
Episode 9: Shadow Warrior
Episode 10: Viscera Cleanup Detail
Episode 11: Depths of Fear: Knossos
Episode 12: Game Dev Tycoon
Episode 13: Master Reboot
Episode 14: Beat Hazard
Episode 15: DLC Quest
Episode 16: The Swapper
Episode 17: Thief
Episode 18: Killing Floor
Episode 19: Blinding Dark
Episode 20: Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves
Episode 21: Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Episode 22: Passing Pineview Forest
Episode 23: Fractured Space
Episode 24: Pool Nation
Episode 25: Outlast Whistleblower DLC
Episode 26: X Rebirth
Episode 27: Corporate Lifestyle Simulator
Episode 28: Dungeonland
Episode 29: Salt
Episode 30: Journey of a Roach
Episode 31: Mirror Moon EP
Episode 32: Larva Mortus
Episode 33: Expendabros
Episode 34: Woolfe the Red Hood Diaries
Episode 35: Vessel
Episode 36: Space Engineers
Episode 37: Costume Quest 2
Episode 38: Tropico 5
Episode 39: Valiant Hearts
Episode 40: Deadly Premonition
Episode 41: Dark Souls 2
Episode 42: Don’t Starve
Episode 43: Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Episode 44: Volgarr the Viking Part 1
Episode 45: Volgarr the Viking Part 2
Episode 46: Volgarr the Viking Part 3
Episode 47: Volgarr the Viking Part 4
Episode 48: Volgarr the Viking Part 5
Episode 49: Volgarr the Viking Part 6
Episode 50: Capsule
Episode 51: Crusaders of the Lost Idols
Episode 52: Adventure Capitalist

Blue Tengu Unplugged (Complete Playlist)

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