Blue Tengu is a game development studio seeking to demystify the game development process through live broadcasting of everything from concept to completion. Our goal is to democratize video game development. Our dream is for everyone who has ever played a game and thought "wouldn’t it be cool if..." to just make it.


Origin Story

We were founded by Eric Bailey, a game designer who has spent the last decade in the Japanese video game industry doing a little of everything from scenario work to game design, scripting, tool design, and localization.

Season One: Project Spaghetti

Our first season of the live game development show focused on Project Spaghetti, a top-down 2D cowboy shooter where the bullets fired bounce around the screen with a pinball mechanic.

Season Two: Project Skyring

Our second season of the show focuses on Project Skyring, an exploration and flying game where you have to circle enemies to destroy them before they destroy you.



Live Game Development Show Introduction YouTube

Project Spaghetti Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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